Yellow Candle and Yom Hashoah

Yellow Candle UK National Lighting Ceremony - Monday 20th April 2020

The Yellow Candle Project is a practical and informal educational tool to remember the victims of the Holocaust and to highlight the lessons we can learn from it. Maccabi GB is distributing a remembrance candle to as many individuals in the community as possible, along with a small card that gives the name of someone who perished in the Holocaust their age, date and place of death.

The community are asked to light their candle on the eve of Yom HaShoah, 7th April 2021, and post a picture of it, along with the name of the person they are remembering, on social media, via the links provided on this site.

Our aim is to create a nationwide memorial from the private space of the home, raising awareness and providing a unique opportunity to engage thousands in Holocaust education. This website continues to ensure that and children will be able to engage in an invaluable educational opportunity; the Educational Resources pages of this website provide a broad range of age-appropriate resources to explore Holocaust education and commemorate Yom HaShoah

As survivors of the Holocaust pass on, it is vital that we find new and innovative ways of preserving the memory of the Shoah and Yellow Candle is a wonderfully simple way to do this on an annual basis.

To ensure the project is sustainable we will  be charging individuals and Communal Organisations £2 per candle plus delivery charges.

wIth special thanks to the Yellow Candle Committee for all their help and support 



Federation of Jewish Men's Club

With special thanks to the Federation of Jewish Men's Club who created the idea of Yellow Candle in the US. With their support and cooperation we have managed to bring Yellow Candle UK to you.