The Yellow Candle Project, managed by Maccabi GB, is a practical and informal educational tool to remember the victims of the Holocaust on Yom HaShoah and to highlight the lessons we can learn from it. We distribute a remembrance candle to as many individuals in the community as possible, along with a remembrance card that gives the name of someone who perished in the Holocaust together with their age, date and place of death.

In 2020 on the eve of Yom HaShoah – Monday 20th April, 50,000 Yellow Candles across the community in the UK and Worldwide. Whilst candles were originally available through over 300 Synagogues, Schools, Kosher shops, Community Centres and All Aboard shops, changes had to be made due to the UK lockdown for COVID 19 to ensure tens of thousands of households were still able to receive their Yellow Candles. Families and individuals both nationally and internationally took part in the initiative by posting a photo of their lit Yellow Candle on social media using the #yellowcandle and tagging the page Yellow Candle UK. 


On the eve of Yom HaShoah #yellowcandleuk was trending second in the UK with over 16,000 impressions on Twitter, cementing the Yellow Candle project within the community. It was incredible to see the thousands of people go onto social media and post the story of the individual they were remembering and who they were lighting their Yellow Candle for.  Candles were lit by people from across the political and religious spectrum and from every walk of life and age.  We felt it very significant in being able to bring the community together during these unprecedented times of isolation and separation.  This simple tool once again enabling the community and beyond to come together to ensure we never forget.


We are incredibly proud of this new website which launched this year. Developed in partnership with PaJeS, a broad range of educational resources are available, including a Home Ceremony template and age appropriate materials to explore themes around Holocaust Education.  Thousands of people visited the website on the eve of Yom HaShoah to make use of the excellent resources collated.  Our aim is for this database of educational resources to continue to grow year on year.


There is little doubt that the UK Jewish community has taken Yellow Candle to its heart and we thank you for enabling us to continue to develop this project.  Maccabi GB will do everything we can do ensure Yellow Candle remains a symbol of remembrance of the Holocaust in the UK and beyond.

Yellow Candle and Yom Hashoah

Yellow Candle UK National Lighting Ceremony - Monday 20th April 2020

wIth special thanks to the Yellow Candle Committee for all their help and support 



Federation of Jewish Men's Club

With special thanks to the Federation of Jewish Men's Club who created the idea of Yellow Candle in the US. With their support and cooperation we have managed to bring Yellow Candle UK to you.