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Key Stage 3 activities

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Exploring the Holocaust

A whole bank of teaching resources for Key Stage 3 with 15 different cross-curricular lessons.

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A Typical Day in The Secret Annex

A story of a typical day in The Secret Annex.

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Interview with Martin Stern

Holocaust Survivor Dr Martin Stern MBE was five years old when he was taken to a concentration camp. Martin is asked questions about his experiences.

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The Greenman Family

An interactive photo gallery with questions exploring life during the Holocaust.


The Journey

An Interactive discovery of the life of Leo, a young German Jewish boy growing up in 1930s Berlin.

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"What Makes a Hero?"

"What makes a hero?"- explore the story of Nicolas Winton with discussion questions to go alongside.


Refugee Voices

The Testimony Archive of the Association of Jewish Refugees.

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Bystanders and Upstanders

Two Home Learning video exercises for students of secondary school age.

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Making History Together

Two extraordinary personal stories which are part of Making History Together - 
a journey of self-exploration through the lens of the history of Jewish Belarus.

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