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The Yellow Candle Project, managed by Maccabi GB, is a practical and informal educational tool to remember Jewish Holocaust victims on Yom HaShoah, and broaden participants’ understanding of the Holocaust, in the safe space of their homes. 

Each Yellow Candle includes two dwarf Sunflower Seeds for your empty Yellow Candle tin, to plant a seed for the future, to help remember the past.

How to grow your dwarf sunflower

1: Use something sharp to put 4-5 holes in the bottom of your candle tin

2: Fill your candle tin with compost and press it down (seed sowing compost is best)

3: Make a two little holes with your finger or the end of a pencil 1 - 2 inches deep and 1 inch apart

4: Drop your sunflower seeds in the hole and cover with compost

5: Gently water until the soil is damp

6: Put your candle tin somewhere sunny like a bright windowsill

7: Keep the soil damp and the first leaves should pop up in 1 - 2 weeks

8: If both of your sunflower seeds pop up, cut the smaller one to the base or gently pull it out and plant it in another pot. Now you will have one sunflower in your pot with plenty of room to grow.

9: If your sunflower gets a little big for the tin when it has 6 or 7 leaves then plant it outside or in a bigger pot!

*Please be careful when using sharp objects*

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